Om Arbeidsrettsadvokatene

Isabel Vieira Borges

Juridisk rćdgiver
Telefon: +351-963402824

1 PhD, by the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon (FLUL, 2015)

2 HR and Leadership Management Certified Course, by the Catholic University Business & Economics School (2018).

3. Professional Certified Teacher in legal E-learning, by the Lisbon Open University and FLUL (2021-2022).

 4.     HR Management Department at Group CTT – Correios de Portugal (since 2015).

5.     Lawyer (since 1998).

6.     Assistant Professor at the FLUL, teaching since 1992:

§  Labour and Employment Law

§  International Law

§  European Law

§  Civil Service Law and Social Security Law

§  NTIC Law and Data Protection Law

§  OSH and Equality and Non-Discrimination Law

§  Human Resources Management Law

§  Business and Management Law

§  Conflicts Resolution Law

§  Insurance Law

§  Constitutional and Fundamental rights Law

§  Procedural Labour Law

7.     Other professional experience on Business, Management, Human Resources, Leadership, Labour, Employment, Social Security, Civil Service, Insurance, Data Protection, Conflicts Resolution, European and International Law:

§  Consultant, advising employees, companies and unions of workers and employers (since 1998).

§  Consultant in a Norwegian law firm, Oslo (since 2021), and in a Portuguese law firm (since 2023).

§  Executive and Scientific Director and Coordinator of several national and International Congresses, Conferences, Seminars and Certified Courses, representing FLUL, CIDP, APODIT, Deloitte.

§  Speaker in numerous national and International Congresses and Seminars, in Portugal and in Europe.

§  Teacher and lecturer in many frequent Certified Courses (graduate, postgraduate, advanced, intensive, specialized, magistracy and master).

§  Reviewer of articles submitted to the peer review process in several legal magazines.


8.     Professional experience in the FLUL:

§  Member of the Scientific Council (since 2017).

The Scientific Council is the FLUL scientific and curricular deliberation body.

§  Member of the School Council (2015-2017).

The School Council is a representative body of the FLUL community, responsible for electing, suspending, or dismissing the Director; appoint the members of the Academic Council; approve the strategic plan, and the budget; appreciate the report and accounts of the previous year and, also, the acts of the Director, the Management Council, and the Academic Council.

§  Member of the Directive Council (2004-2006).

As the responsible for managing facilities, environment, and maintenance, and the coordination of the secretariat and HR, and as a representative of the assistants.

§  Member of the Tax Council of the IDT, Labour Law Institute of the FLUL (since 2001).

§  Professor at the Center of Faro, Algarve (1995-2000).

§  Professor at the Faculty of Law of Guinea Bissau (1993-1995).

Coordinator and manager of the library, the secretariat, and HR.

Member of the Directive Council, the Scientific Council, and the Study Center.

Teacher training for auditors of justice, members of the Government, lawyers, and magistrates.

Legal adviser of the Ministry of Justice Studies Office.

Coordinator of the relations with the government and non-government international organizations in Bissau (AMIC, UNICEF and RADDABARNEN).

Responsible for the organization and execution of the Bulletin of the Faculty of Law of Bissau.

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